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Dear Artist...

Dear Artist...

By Colleen Bartlett - Singer/Songwriter

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I hope this letter finds you well. You may not have been told this in a while, so I thought I would say it:  I have the utmost respect for you. You are courageous and brave. You may feel as though your efforts as an artist are undervalued, not important, and perhaps even shameful because others might not support you. But I am here to tell you this:  keep going. The world needs the art that only you can create.


I understand the highs and lows of being an artist. I understand the unexplainable bliss that comes when creativity is surging through your entire body. I understand the thrill of a new idea popping into your head (at 3 am). I understand the undeniable satisfaction and fulfillment that only comes from following your soul's purpose. Truly, it is the pure joy, expression, and creative explosion that keep us going when times get rough.



And times do get rough.


I'm not talking about the waitressing job that you probably have (excuse the stereotype). I'm talking about the weight and heaviness you bear on your shoulders as an artist in a world that does not recognize you as being valued, until or unless you are rich and famous. Until you reach that point, you most likely face skepticism at each and every corner, along with the dreaded pat on the shoulder and the well-meaning words:  "I hope it works out for you." (We both know it can be even more discouraging when people pretend to support you and offer fake encouragement. I hear you). 


It is draining to do what makes your soul sing when you are going against the current of a world flooded with expectations and opinions. You are unique, and because of that, your path is different. This is where your creative genius comes in handy--because you need it to help forge the path you walk. When you feel disheartened, or when inspiration is dwindling, or when the voices from the critics and skepticism are loud in your ear, remember this:  we need you. We need your creativity. We need your courage.


You don't need the approval of others, as long as the voice inside you is stronger than the ones outside you. You are inherently wonderful and special. Your soul is beautiful and so is your heart.
Keep fighting the good fight.




Another Artist.



Colleen Bartlett has recently placed three original songs she wrote on CD Baby.

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Also, Colleen's new album "Serenity" will be released soon.

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